How To Make A Cd Clock

The idea of creating a CD clock can form part of a great teen craft activity involving the recycling old CD disks. The materials needed for this project include; unused CDs or DVDs, glue and old working clock. This CD clock creating technique will ideally help you transform an old working clock or a

How To Do Money Magic Tricks

The desire to learn how to do magic, or to at least gain a greater sense of the mystical world, is a hope that many people have. Imagining that you’ll be as famous as Houdini in a moment is unlikely, but you can start to learn how to do money magic tricks. Take a

How To Make Your Own Shampoo

Saving money on an average wage or salary can be hard, especially if you have children. You use coupons when shopping at the grocery store. You sacrifice family nights out at the movie. You make it a full-time job to catch every sale the major department stores have. All of these measures are good,

How To Do Body Makeup

Body makeups can be made using different colors, shades and textures. The entire process of applying body makeup requires the use of right tools, since it takes a lot of effort. However, with persistent practice, you can easily become an expert. Since body makeups are sold in different designs; you can also get colors

How To Make Scented Candles

Making Scented Candles at Home One of my happiest memories from my childhood was making a basic candle using materials I found lying around. Making scented candles isn’t hard either. While you may find inexpensive candles at discount stores, thrifts, etc., you can often make them even cheaper. Besides the good price, you can

How To Sew Jeans

Have you ever owned a pair of jeans but never wore them because they just did not fit you right? If so, you have come to the right place because here, you can learn how to sew your jeans to make them fit your individual body better and make the jeans themselves look better

How To Do Counted Cross Stitch

Simple Stitches You should know that counted cross stitch does offer some simple stitches and will make beautiful items that will be amazing. When you learn how to do these stitches you will find yourself creating some magnificent items. Once you learn this uncomplicated cross stitch you will have endless hours of creating time.

How To Do Cross Stitch Embroidery

Sewing and embroidery can be very simple once you get the hang of it and practice the different types of stitches. Here, you will learn how to complete a cross stitch embroidery with a step by step process. By the end of these instructions, you will be a master at this type of stitch

How To Make A Chinese Spiral

Chinese crafts are often given as tokens of love and appreciation – a gift made with your hands comes from your heart. The spiral is an ancient symbol representing the ever evolving progression of life. A Chinese spiral is the embodiment of architecture and fun. Making a Chinese Spiral is a relatively simple project.

How To Make A Christmas Stocking

The Christmas season approaches quickly. Instead of buying stockings from the store to hang on your wall or fireplace mantle, try your hand at making your own. You can share the experience with your children so that they can make something personalized. The stockings can be used each year, and you can add little

Magic Trick Revealed

Magic tricks are also referred to as illusions because there is obviously no real magic involved, but only create the illusion that something unexplainable has happened. One type of magic trick that leaves most people scratching their heads are those that involve making something move through another solid object. A classic magic trick that

How To Knit

Beanies can be very simple and fun to knit. The nice thing is that all that a person has to do is follow a few simple stitching steps and they will have an awesome beanie in no time. The first thing that you will need when you are making your seamless beanie is a

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